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Because the name is the identity, a research was necessary to find the origin of the name of Baabdat and many opinions were found:

  • Some said the name originated from the aramaean language "beit abdoto" which means in arabic the "house of worship". The village was named like this, because of the temple, the ancients built in it and to which a lot of males and females sacrificed themselves. The place was called "beit al eabada" or "beit al-abdat" and the denomination became later Baabdat.
  • Some said the name goes to "beit al abidat", the house of the workers, the house of the servants or the house of the slave.
  • Others said the meaning of the name is "ab el abidat", the father of the worshippers. A man came to Baabdat and had five daughters who made a vow of chastity. He built a temple for them in the name of Saint Méma known as "beit al aabidat", the house of the worshippers.

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