Baabdat time

Baabdat, a village with a world dimension

Since you are our loved ones, our memory and future wherever you are, and because we complete each other, we wanted this site to bring us together and gather the big family of Baabdat-Lebanon, the land of both of us that highly deserved to be designated the Eastern Switzerland...

Because emigrating is hard, the land is dear and the place of birth is the beginning and the end of a lifetime where we surrender ourselves after a long battle and we gather our strength each time we go through hardships... we wanted this site to be for both of us, wherever we are, like the air that we breathe and that brings the Baabdati in Lebanon and the Baabdati abroad together with the taste and touch of Baabdat.


Are you a descendant of Lebanese who originate from the village of Baabdat?

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Mr. Ramez Labaki

Centre Toufic Labaki
Salah Labaki 11 Street, 113
Main square
P.O.Box: 01 - Baabdat
Maten - Lebanon

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