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What do we need from you?


The objective of our work is to collect detailed information on our immigrants and their descendents originally from Baabdat, Lebanon.


This work will give you all the information available about you, your family, your relatives and the degree of kinship. As well as the histories and the reasons of the first baabdaties' emigrants, with the addresses of their descendants and their corresponding family trees.


What we need from you, are personal and general information (see "Register for free") to complete the genealogical family trees, regarding you, your ancestors and your descendants.


First of all, the most necessary and important is to give us your first and last name, your father's and mother's name, your children's names, the addresses and any contact mails or phone numbers of each one. If possible passport photo of each one.


More information brings better results.




General information


* Can you provide us with a simple genealogical tree of your family, your cousins and yours relatives?


* If you have any document belonging to the immigrant members of your family, such as: letters, magazines, newspapers or personal notes of any member of your family written in arabic or french or any other language.


* If you have their passports, Turkish documents or transit permit when they entered the destination country (these documents usually show the original name and may help us determine the real name, the real stories or the suffering of each immigrant or member), photos of them and of all the families (alone or with your family or with any member or person who is originally from Baabdat).


* If you would like to publish photos of your business shop or factory or anything regarding you or any member of your family.


* Details or personal stories of difficulties (regarding work, homicide, injury or starvation...) encountered during emigration or lifetime or any special personal stories related to the first immigrant family members.


* Do you know members or relatives or persons in your country or abroad who are originally from Baabdat? Please try to send us details about them, such as addresses, phone or mobile numbers or emails. We ask you to encourage them to visit our and your website.

Contact us

Mr. Ramez Labaki

Centre Toufic Labaki
Salah Labaki 11 Street, 113
Main square
P.O.Box: 01 - Baabdat
Maten - Lebanon

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