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The families of Baabdat


Each family of Baabdat has as heritage that brought a lot of colors and characteristics to the village. Different names formed a unique village.


The families that migrated to Baabdat since the 16th century until the establishment of the State of Great Lebanon in 1920, join 16 families that are the same ones who immigrated later to the American continent. The families are: Corbani (Al Hashem), Labaki (Daou), Safi, Zimmar, Melki and Abou Diwan, then starting from the end of the eighteenth century, the families: Obeid, Ghandour, Abou Heyla, Khater, Shaanine, Saleh, Hayek and Arid arrived successively. For unknown and historically unspecific reasons, those eight families, in addition to the Safi family, were given the name Charabati, knowing that only few members of the families: Obeid, Chaanine, Saleh and Arid continued using that name.


Later on, in the nineteenth century, the families Alam and Zoghby came in addition to the Sawaya family. None of the latter's descendents emigrated.


After 1920, other families, that will not be included in our research, entered Baabdat such as: Asmar, Hajj Boutros, Shamoun, Romanos, Gemayel, Abou Jaoude, Shakar, Daher Saleh, Al-Ayya, Yammine, Hashem, Ghossoub, Ghanem, Nawfal, Nehme, Ajjour, Armenian families and others.

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