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Dear relatives

Dear relatives,

As a matter of fact, we would like to inform you that a lot of changes and modifications occurred to the names and surnames of a big number of Baabdatis who immigrated for various reasons, the most important being the lack of understanding of the hosting country's language.


Here is a small and brief example. It will just give you an idea of the modifications and changes to those names.

The name Youssef, for example, is known in spanish and portuguese as: Jose.
The name Jeryes, is known in the two same languages as: Jorge
The Labaki family was replaced sometimes with: Lávaque, Fadel, Mansour...
The Melki family became in other languages: Mulqui, Martinez...
The Obeid family was converted into Rached, Thomas...
The Corbani family turned into Flores, Nemer...


A lot of names and surnames of the Baabdati residents and immigrants are mentioned on our site as they are written in french, which is the second official language in Lebanon after arabic.


Hence, when you look for someone in the family tree, try many times to modify the spelling of one of the three names of the person in the search boxes: First Name, Father's Name and Family Name.


If the answer remains unfound, contact us so that we help you in your search, clarify any information, correct any name or add any novelty to the information.


It is important for you, to believe, that if we join our hands, we will make the name of Baabdat known all over the world. We are always at your service. Let's all always be at the service of Baabdat and its people whether residents or immigrants.


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