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The Corbani family


Srour Al-Hashem arrived to Baabdat at the beginning of the 16th century from the village of Aqura in the Jbeil province. His family grew bigger and was called later Corbani because of the miracle of priest Jeryes (George) Srour Al-Hashem during the communion at the Mar Jeryes (Saint George) church.


The "communion bread" (Corbani in arabic) turned into the body of baby Jesus, astonishing all the people who were present. The news spread and was told to the Archbishop who later called father Jeryes as "Al-Corbani". To keep the memory of the miracle alive, the Corbani name was adopted in the other members of the family.


The Corbani family doesn't exist under this name in the emigration countries before 1920, but it was known under names such as Amado, Coury, Cury, Kouri, Flores, Frem, Nazar, Nemer, Nemmer and others.



In the Maronite and Greek oriental catholic churches and in the orthodox oriental churches, it's permitted to the married man to become a priest.

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