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The Labaki family


The origin of the family is the name Daou (light) that migrated from the Lehfed village to Hardine village in the Batroun province. In more details, Youssef (Joseph) son of priest Jeryes (George) Saad Nehme Daou came at the beginning of the 16th century to the Qennabe village located at the eastern border of Baabdat, and his son Saad moved from Qennabe to Baabdat. He was given the nickname "Jahjah", which means the leader of the tribe.


The Labaki name (meaning confusion) has a story. When Saad was still living in Qennabe, one of the princes of the area was hunting near the forests of the Jaamany river (one of the branches of the Beirut river) located at the border of the Qennabe. Rain suddenly fell and the prince entered Saad's house. He noticed the latter was confused with his twins, cattle, wife... so the prince told him: "What is this confusion (Labaki) Saad?!!" Thus, this nickname followed him wherever he went.


There are other stories about calling the family "Labaki", but we didn't find them scientifically trustworthy.


The Labaki family is also known abroad under names written in a different way such as: Labaky, Labake, Labaké, Labaque, Labaqué, Lavake, Lavaké, Lavaki, Lavaque, Lávaque, Labaqui, Lavaqui...

and other names such as: Alexandre, Amado, Azar, Badawey, Capez, Caury, Chain, Chebel, Chebli, Chehin, Chequer, Chevel, Daniel, Dominguez, Fadel, Fadul, Flores, Gazi, Jorge, Kalil, Khabbaz, Lahud, Lian, Mansur, Miguel, Mussen, Nader, Najim, Nallim, Nallin, Nasr, Salomon, Shapley, Taufic and others.


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